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  • Protac Clear Transfer Tape
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ProTac Clear Transfer Tape

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Transfer Tape


ProTac Clear Grid Transfer Tape is used with our Oracal 3651 Patterned Vinyl products.

REUSABLE High Tack tape on a carrier sheet. Place used transfer tape back on the waxy backing sheet, until next use.  

ProTac securely holds weeded vinyl in place during transfer from backing paper to project blank. 

Clear with a Grid Pattern, aids in alignment, layering and wet or dry vinyl installation. 


1. Precut the Transfer Tape to a 1/2" larger than the weeded vinyl design.

2. Remove the backing paper or skip to the next step if it doesn't have a backing paper & lay the transfer tape, adhesive facing up. 

3. Next, lay the weeded vinyl pattern onto the transfer tape with the design facing down, curling it to touch the middle first & then each side separately.

4. Lightly press the vinyl design onto the transfer tape, flip it over & trim off the excess. Cut through both the tape & backing together for ease of cutting.

5. Using a squeegee, push all the air pockets out toward the nearest edge. Use firm pressure, working from the center out.

6. Work slowly, taking care not to push wrinkles into the tape, so make only short strokes.

PRO TIP: Do not apply the transfer tape more than a day or 2 in advance or it tends to pull the vinyl off the backing paper, making it much harder to install.

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