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  • Siser Ttd Transfer Mask
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Siser TTD Transfer Mask

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Our Siser TTD Clear Mask is matched to our patterned Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) to transfer your cut and weeded design onto a garment or project blank.

It's high tack adhesive provides a firm grip on the patterned HTV & prevents wrinkles and warping during masking.

The TTD Mask protects the HTV design from heat damage from the press during the application process.

We recommend ONLY the use of Siser TTD Clear Mask with our patterned Siser HTV products.


1. Lay the weeded vinyl pattern on a smooth, clean surface with the design facing up. Cut the clear Transfer Mask to a bit larger than the vinyl design.

2. Remove the backing paper from the Mask & lightly lay the mask onto the vinyl, adhesive side face down toward the design.

3. Apply firm pressure, working from the center out, using a squeegee to push air outward toward the nearest edge.

4. Work slowly, taking care not to push wrinkles into the mask, so make only short strokes.

PRO-TIP: Do not apply Transfer Mask until the day you intend to press it, as some ink transfer onto the Mask may occur if it's applied too far in advance.

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